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Sereno Group

Founded in 2006, with a vision of redefining real estate Sereno Group has proven itself as one of the highest performing real estate companies in the United States. We have worked with Sereno Group to ensure that they remain comfortably ahead with all of their public facing web presences as well as the internal technology it takes to manage 7 offices and over 200 high performing and demanding agents. e-Agents allows Sereno Group agents to be as productive as they are in the office anywhere on the globe.

Keller Williams Los Gatos

A boutique office in the middle of a competitive market. Keller Williams Los Gatos Estates needed to differentiate itself from its competition quickly and effectively. We were able to work with Keller Williams marketing and put together a working solution for them in a matter of days. Delivering them not just a functional and elegant public website but also solutions for their agents, property marketing and internal communication.

Coldwell Banker Coastal Alliance

With an office full of tech-savvy agents Coldwell Banker Coastal Alliance needed a solution that would set itself apart from every other office in Greater Los Angeles. e-Agents was able to deliver a highly customized visual centric solution that met not only their needs, but also pleased the most demanding of their agents. Coldwell Banker Coastal Alliance has branded their e-Agents solution from front to back, everything from agent and property websites to the internal dashboard, property fliers, comparable market analysis reports and so much more.

Roger Prasad

Roger is a relatively new to selling real estate, but has put in more hours and has worked harder then his competition, firmly establishing himself as one of Intero's top producers company wide. With his new found success, Roger needed a company and platform that could keep up with his energy and vision. We built a custom website targeting his target demographic and ideal clientele that put his value propositions at the very front. We also revised his user experience to ensure that the solution would be able to close internet leads for Roger.

Nancy Palmer

Working in a highly competitive and upscale neighborhood of Burlingame, Nancy needed a solution to set herself apart from all the other top producing real estate agents in the area. We worked with Add Water 2 building Nancy's layout and have integrated it into her parent company, Alain Pinel Realtors, corporate website resulting in one seamless experience for her website visitors. Her value propositions are front and center; 10 Reasons to Hire Nancy, Property Search, as well as Contact Capture fields. Nancy's site was not only designed to impress, but inform and sell her services as well..